The Walking Dead Surpasses 20 Million Facebook Fans, Updates Dead Yourself App

The Walking Dead 20 Million Facebook Fans

Just two episodes into Season 4, AMC's The Walking Dead has now surpassed 20 million Facebook fans. To celebrate the Facebook milestone, AMC released the exclusive graphic above that warns: "20 Million Are Now Infected."

Also, on the social media front, AMC has released the social initiative #BiteMe, an upgrade to The Walking Dead’s “Dead Yourself” app that allows fans to “bite” and “infect” their Facebook friends, turning them into photo-realistic walkers. Fans simply need take or import a photo of their friend, edit the photo using the incredibly realistic zombie eyes, mouths, parts and props from the actual show (including new parts from Season 4) and then share the new portrait on social media and within the app's Walker photo gallery. The app also includes a leaderboard for America’s Top Biters and a Heat Map that populates new infections and bites by location.

The Walking Dead Season 4 is currently airing on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.