The Walking Dead: T-Dog Wants An Action Figure

T-Dog Walking Dead

While many fans were sad to see IronE Singleton’s character T-Dog killed off halfway through season three of The Walking Dead, it turns out T-Dog lasted a lot longer than he was originally supposed to. In an appearance on KATT with Rick & Brad, IronE Singleton talked about his time on The Walking Dead.

IronE Singleton revealed, “When they hired me they said only two or three episodes, but it turned into three seasons.” When Merle left the show during season one, it actually seemed to cut short one of the potential storylines involving Daryl, Merle, and T-Dog. When asked if Merle leaving in season one worried him, T-Dog reiterated, “I was worried before he left because I was only supposed to do two or three episodes.”

However, IronE Singleton wasn’t angry about his character getting killed off in season three. Singleton explained, “No, I was sad more than anything, because I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to the set and see those beautiful people.” As far as keeping up with his former castmates, Singleton added, “Once Walking Dead, always Walking Dead. We’ll always be family.”

In regards to lessons learned on the show, Singleton said, “I think that pretty much good things come out of situations where you always have a positive attitude.” Singleton added, “That’s one of the things that kept T-Dog around for so many seasons.”

If there is one complaint that IronE Singleton has though, it might be the fact that T-Dog doesn’t have an action figure. After the hosts complained about not being able to find a T-Dog action figure to get IronE Singleton to autograph, Singleton said, “Robert Kirkman, let’s get that done.”