The Walking Dead: What Happens Next After That Cliffhanger Ending?


Spoilers follow for tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, episode 607, Heads Up.

Glenn is alive. Ron has a loaded gun. The walls have fallen. Everything is in place for a dramatic midseason finale next week.

Having read the comics, it's not too difficult to have a handful of predictions for 608, titled "Start to Finish," based on how things went down on paper.

First of all, that herd of walkers is getting into Alexandria. This story arc in the comics is called No Way Out and it is one of The Walking Dead's deadliest. The walls falling unleashes a series of events which cost us many of our beloved characters. We're going to get into some real spoilers from the comics here.

When the walls fall, Tobin is devoured. Morgan is bit and has his arm cut off shortly afterwards. He eventually succumbs to the wound and is put down by Michonne but not before Michonne opens up and shows some real emotion.

Rick and Jessie try to make it out of the Safe-Zone but Ron's panic causes him to get bit and Jessie tries to rescue him. You guessed, she gets eaten as well, but holds onto Carl's hand as she tries to pull herself from the herd. Rick, not willing to let Carl get pulled into the zombie chow, cuts off Jessie's hand and leaves her behind.

Shortly after Jessie's death, the Safe-Zone leader and comic book equivalent to Deanna, Douglas Monroe, starts firing his gun, trying to take down walkers. He is swarmed and devoured and as he falls, fires his gun in every direction. One bullet strikes Carl in the eye and blows a chunk of his face off.

Rick's band of survivors end up fighting off the rest of the herd and Carl is rushed to Denise's infirmary. As he lays on the infirmary bed, Rick pleads with him, saying he sees a hope for a new world with organization and society and begs for Carl to wake up and see it with him.

How will all this translate onto television?

Some of it will probably happen and some of it probably won't - but that's the way it always goes with The Walking Dead.

The biggest difference will probably be Morgan. It's unlikely Morgan will meet his demise in midseason finale of season six. His character is developing more and more as time goes on and serving as a counter to Rick's kill-to-survive attitude. The two will continue to have discussions in the future as they try to lead communities back to civilization.

Will Carl get shot in the eye? I say yes - but by Ron. Deanna is probably doomed for the finale but it won't be her who shoots Carl. Rick will likely leave Jessie behind much like he did in the comics - brutally - and Ron isn't going to be happy about that. This guy already killed his father so whether Ron is just scared like Rick and Carl predicted and aims for Rick and hits Carl or just flat out aims for Carl because he's mad about having his girlfriend stolen... Carl's eye will be left in season 6A.

Another sure thing - Tobin is toast. He's the closest one to the wall which is wide open now and on top of that, he had a whole bunch of lines tonight. That's usually the kiss of death on The Walking Dead.


In summary, Tobin, Deanna, and Carl's eye are all as good as dead, along with a bunch of unnamed Alexandrians.

The Walking Dead's midseason finale airs Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC.