The Walking Dead: Who's Going To Help Glenn


Look, if you haven't watched the episode of The Walking Dead which launched the big Glenn mystery, you're all out of time to complain about spoilers. It's been three weeks. But still, I will warn you out of obligation, spoilers follow for season six of The Walking Dead.

The majority of The Walking Dead fans are assuming Glenn is still alive, regardless of how probable his survival is in reality ... because we've all been surrounded by zombies and can speak from experience on the topic. Assuming he is still alive, be it under the dumpter, in the dumpster, covered in Nicholas's guts, or distracting the zombies using a flare gun, he's probably going to need tome help to get out of that predicament.

Who's going to help him now that Maggie and Aaron gave up last week?

Well, there's a few candidates who are more likely than others. For example, let's rule Rick out because he's back at Alexandria doing his thing with Jessie and rallying the community's survival morale. In fact, let's rule out everyone currently inside the walls of Alexandria because most of them have enough on their plate just surviving as it is.

So, who's left? Of the characters we know so far: Daryl, Sasha, Abraham, and Enid.

Sasha and Abraham haven't exactly played the heroic role on the show. To be honest, they're both pretty crazy at this point. They would probably be willing to put their life on the line to distract the herd of walkers and set Glenn free of his imminent peril or at least one of them would while the other pouted and disagreed, only to ultimately help out.

Daryl being the hero doesn't seem unlikely. He's been seen in previews branching out on his own and fleeing from enemies so perhaps he is going to stumble upon the area which Glenn is trapped. If he found Glenn, there's simply no chance he would leave him there to die.

Then, there's Enid. Enid left the walls for seemingly no reason. There has to be something going on there after her big, "JSS" episode. If she's not out there to run into a Glenn in need of help, she has to be a Wolf!

Of course, there's always the possibility of someone else finding Glenn. A brand new character or group. While the Wolves finding him would probably just end up with his death, anyway, it's not impossible for them to force him into recruitment. We've seen how good that are at moving walkers around.

There's also the DC Scavengers who are yet to be adapted to the TV series ( assuming they're not the Wolves). The group could pop up and take Glenn captive, forcing him to show them to Alexandria while holding him hostage.


Let's just hope it's not the Saviors. With this week's casting of Negan announcement, we know the Saviors are out there somewhere and there is a certain lady by the name of Lucille looking to hit a home run.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.