The Walking Dead's Governor: Middle Management?

In a new interview released by AMC today, David Morrissey, who plays The Governor on the hit drama based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics/Skybound series, said he believes leadership is new to the Governor, and that it's not easy for his character to understand all the time.

"I feel that the Governor is someone who before the event was a pretty middle-management type guy," Morrisey said. "He didn't have the status before, but now he's walking that tight rope of leadership about what he needs to do as a leader. It's all relatively new to him."

The actor also says that another thing that's hard to do is to shake such a damaged character out of his head after work.

"The Governor would be a pretty tough character to take home -- I don't think my wife would like that," he told AMC. "He's a pretty intense man to play and there is a darkness to him, which can get inside your head sometimes. Thankfully, I have quite a long drive from the location back here to Atlanta, so I often put on a bit of rock music on the way home -- the Rolling Stones or whatever -- and that tends to get the character out of my head."

He added that he tends to use playlists in the other direction, as well--to get into character, and evaluated a bit of the Governor's musical tastes: "I think the Governor's got quite an odd taste, but it probably does cross over into mine. I do use classical music quite a bit in my iPod. Sometimes words and lyrics can get into your head, and what you want is just the music, so I use jazz and classical music for that."