The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Turned Down George Clooney Blockbuster Over A Haircut

Daryl's Job

At one of his comic book convention appearances earlier this year, we recall Norman Reedus making reference to being up for a part in a science fiction movie with George Clooney. However, we hadn’t heard anything about it recently, so we had been wondering what movie it was and what eventually happened with it.

In a new interview with Vulture, Reedus reveals that the role was to play George Clooney’s dad in Tomorrowland and why he ultimately didn't wind up taking the role.

“With Tomorrowland, there was an issue about cutting my hair. It's a period film, and I would have played the father of George Clooney, but the haircut, the pictures they sent me, it looked like some sort of a hair croissant on the top of your head,” said Reedus. “And I was like, How am I going to pull that off? I have really long wild guy hair right now, and it just wouldn't work.”

Now, it might sound unusual for an actor to pass on a potentially huge blockbuster movie over a haircut, but Reedus is involved in a hugely successful TV show, which is set during a zombie apocalypse. If filming for Tomorrowland and Walking Dead were relatively close together, it might be difficult to explain Daryl’s radical hairstyle change. Reedus makes it very clear in the interview that his primary commitment is to the Walking Dead.


Reedus said, “This show is my bread and butter, and it's my heart. And I don't want to just do a giant blockbuster that's going to disappear. I want a film that means something, and then I'll go back to my highly watched, super-popular television show. I'm not opposed to big-budget films, and there are certain directors that I absolutely love that do them — Guillermo [del Toro], David Fincher. But it's a fine line. Maybe I'll just do Portlandia! I could just walk around going, ‘Cacao! Cacao!’”

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.