These Dragon Swords Are A Dream Come True

In 2014, Formidable Toys, a one-family company that makes durable, flexible, and interchangable foam swords, launched their first Kickstarter campaign for Prime Swords. It was fully funded, and the comapny was able to put that series into production. Now, Formidable Toys is launching Kickstarter campaign, but this time, it's goal is to raise money to get their exciting Dragon series, which features dragon heads as cross guards, into production.

"And now we have a chance to make some of our earliest designs, my favorite designs, become a reality: our Dragon series," says Tyler Richins in the Kickstarter video, which you can view above. "These Dragon swords are why we started Formidable Toys. Our ARC, ISS, and MEK Dragon swords are made just as durable and with the same high-quality as our Eon and Riven designs. All of our swords are made out of durable foam and flexible paint. And as always, everyone of our sword designs are fully interchangable with each other, for the ultimate customization. And now we have a improved, stronger, shorter lever to reduce the risk of breaking."


To do so, they have set a $100,000 goal. With 24 days to go, $8,112 has been pledged, so far. If you would like to make a pledge, you can do so by clicking here.