This Star Wars Themed Motorcycle Comes with a Lightsaber

(Photo: Ural)

If you're a big Star Wars fan with money to burn, or you just want the world's most expensive accessory for your lightsaber, then this custom-made motorcycle from Ural, the "Dark Force," is for you. Embracing the dark side, the jet-black motorcycle will only be made 25 times, making it a rare collectible.

It also comes with a lightsaber - but just the extendable kind, not an actual weapon made of hard light and hot plasma.

(Photo: Ural)

The motorcycle also includes a sidecar with a trunk for storing "all your favorite gear (or droids)" as the company says, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Clocking in at 15 grand, the motorcycle may be a lot for your average Star Wars fan, but driving around in a custom, themed vehicle of your favorite franchise is worth it, right? Now to find a custom Darth Vader-styled motorcycle helmet...