Thor The Dark World Box Office: $86 Million U.S., $327 Million Worldwide

Thor The Dark World Box Office

When reports surfaced yesterday predicting an $83 million opening weekend estimate for Thor: The Dark World in the United States, we warned that Marvel Studios movies had a habit of exceeding early box office projections. Marvel Studios films tend to play well with families so the Saturday and Sunday box office tends to be stronger than the typical movie.

Thor: The Dark World opening weekend projections for the United States have now been revised upward to $86.1 million, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they go higher still when actual numbers come out on Monday. In addition to the strong opening weekend at the U.S. box office, Thor: The Dark World continues to perform well overseas.

Thor: The Dark World took in another estimated $94 million overseas this weekend, bringing the film’s international total to $240.9 million. Worldwide the film has zoomed past the $300 million mark, reaching a $327 million global total.

The original Thor movie had an opening weekend of $65.7 million in the U.S., so the sequel has beat it by more than $20 million. The original Thor movie had a worldwide box office of $449 million during its entire run, and Thor: The Dark World will likely pass that total next weekend.