Thor: The Dark World Easter Eggs Revealed

Thor The Dark World The Marauders

The second full length trailer for Thor: The Dark World has brought with it a couple of Marvel Universe Easter Eggs for fans. Here a couple things you may or may not have noticed from the trailer, and how they call back to characters and story lines from Marvel Comics.

When Thor goes to Loki’s prison to ask for his help, there are some other strange-looking creatures that can be seen in a cell in the background. These creatures are actually The Marauders, which in the comic books are a group of mutant assassins employed by X-Men villain Mister Sinister. However, Fox owns the movie rights to the X-Men and their villains, so The Marauders are different in the Marvel Studios world. The Marauders are a group of rag-tag invaders of the Nine Realms in Thor: The Dark World.

Thor The Dark World Kronans

At the end of the Thor: The Dark World trailer, Thor smashes a giant rock creature. The rock creature is actually from the very first Thor comic book appearance, Journey Into Mystery #83. In that comic, Thor fought a group or rock creatures known as the Stone Men from Saturn or Kronans. The Kronans have made a couple other appearances in the Marvel Comics Universe over the years, most notable a Kronan named Korg appears in the Planet Hulk story line.

Thor: The Dark World is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in November 8, 2013.