Thor: The Dark World Opening Day Box Office Rakes In $8.2 Million

Thor The Dark World Box Office

The above headline would probably make Disney executives cry if they saw it a little over a week from now when Thor: The Dark World opens in the United States. However, instead of opening Thor: The Dark World in the United States, Marvel Studios elected to debut Thor: The Dark World in a handful of international territories first.

According to Deadline, the opening day take of Thor: The Dark World on Wednesday was $8.2 million. While this might seem paltry in comparison to the $30 million to $50 million the film will likely do on opening day in the United States, it was actually considered a strong start in the territories in which the film opened. Thor: The Dark World is pacing ahead of what the original Thor movie opened to in those territories back in 2011.

Thor: The Dark World opened yesterday in the UK, France and Korea. The film will also open in Australia, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Mexico and Brazil this week. The film opens in the United States, China and India on November 8, 2013.