Thor: The Dark World Still Projected To Win Box Office, But Best Man Holiday Gaining Ground

Thor The Dark World Box Office

Earlier this week, box office experts were predicting that Thor: The Dark World would easily win its second weekend at the box office with around a $35 million take in the U.S. With Friday numbers starting to surface, Thor: The Dark World is still on track to do exactly what the experts have been projecting.

Deadline has Thor: The Dark World's Friday box office at $10.5 million and second weekend box office at $34.9 million. However, the big surprise is that while Thor: The Dark World is doing exactly as expected, Best Man Holiday is doing way better than expected. Deadline is now forecasting a $12.5 million Friday and a $34 million weekend for Best Man Holiday.

Thor: The Dark World is still expected to win the weekend as the film will likely draw a larger weekend family audience than the R-Rated Best Man Holiday. However, things look to be so close, so it's always possible that Best Man Holiday pulls off an upset. If Thor: The Dark World does take this weekend, its reign will definitely end next weekend, as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is expected to dominate the box office in its first weekend of release.