Time Jumper iPhone Application Released


Time Jumper, which is a digital motion comic series, now has its own iPhone Application. Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment recently announced the official release of a free Time Jumper iPhone App. The Time Jumper iPhone App is available at the iTunes App store. The App lets fans view all of Episode 1 exclusively on the iPhone and iPod Touch. A unique feature of the App is the Image Converter which allows fans to convert a picture into a comic strip image. The Time Jumper App includes the following six features: 1. Welcome Agent: Once the application is downloaded, consumers are greeted to H.U.N.T. headquarters. They are asked to enter their name and place their finger on the screen to be scanned for official entry into the app. 2. Mission Briefing: A personal narration from Stan Lee explaining what Time Jumper is all about. 3. Mission 1: Consumers can automatically view Episode 1 in its entirety. Great picture, sound and color right on your iPhone and/or iPod Touch. 4. Image Converter: Enables consumers to take a picture of themselves or use a photo in their photo gallery, convert it into a comic strip image, type a message into the dialogue bubble and then e-mail it to a friend and/or upload onto Facebook. 5. Surveillance: Storyboard images that show you how Time Jumper went from concept to screen. 6. Hunt Headquarters: Grants you access to link to H.U.N.T.'s recruitment website.