Timothy Truman's Scout Comic Book Optioned For Film

It looks like yet another comic book adaptation is heading for the big screen - just don't except to see any superhero suiting up in this flick. In an exclusive report, Deadline has confirmed that Studio 8 optioned Scout for a live-action film.

Created by Timothy Truman, Scout follows a man named Emanuel Santana in a dystopian, third-world reimagining of the U.S. The former world power has been outcasted by other nations due to its excessive greed and harmful ecological practices. Weighed down by political sanctions, the U.S. falls into disarray and embraces loose, criminal morals. The story's hero is an Apache ex-ranger who starts out by investigating the mysterious disappearance of a young women. However, it isn't long before he uncovers a huge, violent government conspiracy that threatens to destroy the country for good.

Truman will acts as a consultant on the project while Braden Aftergood will produce. Chris MacBride will adapt and direct the live-action film, making Scout his newest pet project. Recently, the director sold his pitch for a sci-fi thriller movie sourced from the Amnesia comics. He also sold a thriller titled Echo back in 2014 and is working on a spy thriller for MRC at the moment.

If you think Truman's name sounds familiar, then it likely is. Comic book readers will know him from both mainstream and indie series such as Grimjack, Turok, The Long Ranger, Conan The Cimmerian, and Star Wars. The writer has also worked on Hawkworld for DC Comics.

In terms of Scout, Truman created the series back in 1985. Eclipse Comics published the series, and 24 issues of the first series ultimately hit shelves. After its run ended, several spin-off stories trickled out that covered Santana's marriage amongst other things. For instance, two miniseries titled New American and Swords of Texas were published before an entirely new series, Scout: War Shaman, was published.

(Photo: Eclipse Comics)

Currently, there's no word on when Scout will hit theaters. Keep checking back with ComicBook.com to get all the latest updates on the adaptation as they go live.