Tonight's Episode of The Flash to Feature Gorilla Grodd?

In a brief, cryptic tweet which he did not follow up, Arrow and The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg indicated that Gorilla Grodd will play a role in tonight's episode.

Kreisberg lumped Grodd in with Plastique and "The General" -- General Wade Eiling, the character played by guest star Clancy Brown -- in the following tweet:


Ironically, Brown has voiced Grodd once before (in Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II earlier this year), and so we asked him about the role in our interview, which ran earlier today:

Do you have any advice for whoever takes on that role in The Flash?

To do Gorilla Grodd? [Laughs] Well, my Gorilla Grodd was a joke! Powers Booth did it in the Justice League Unlimited and he did a great job. I don't know what Grodd's going to turn into but no, no. I don't have any pointers. [Laughs] Hell, no. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with him.

Could he have been hiding some insight behind that laugh? Given that so far it appears The General is dedicated to rounding up metahumans, it wouldn't be totally shocking to see his group having already collected Grodd, whose escape from a cage inside S.T.A.R. Labs was hinted at in the pilot.

Kreisberg, in characteristically enigmatic fashion, didn't respond to numerous attempts by fans and other reporters to tweet at him for answers.