Transformers 4 May Be Set In China

Transformers 4 Logo

In what appears to be a growing trend in the film industry, Vulture is reporting that Transformers 4 is likely to be set in mainland China. As far as to why Michael Bay might make such a move with Transformers 4, Vulture says sources are indicating it’s a bottom-line decision to improve the chances of the film getting a wide release in China.

There appears to be no confirmation or denial of the report yet by Michael Bay. If it’s not true, Michael Bay usually has no problem denying rumors through his website. Of course, he might always deny it, and then days later change his mind, claiming that Vulture gave him the idea.

Little is known about Transformers 4 so far, other than that Mark Wahlberg has been cast in the lead role, and the movie will be set four years after the last Transformers movie. There have also been a couple Transformers 4 plot rumors that have surfaced, indicating Mark Walhberg’s character will have a daughter who has a race car driving boyfriend.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released in theaters on either June 27, 2014 or July 4, 2014, depending on which of the two release dates given by Michael Bay is correct.