Madame Tussauds Trolls Disney Over Animatronic Donald Trump

Disney's Hall of Presidents has been the center of attention this week, for all the wrong reasons.

Walt Disney World recently revealed the first look at the updated Hall of Presidents attraction, complete with a brand new, animatronic version of Donald Trump. As the internet was quick to point out, the statue looked absolutely horrible.

Another attraction nearby, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Orlando, took to Twitter to troll the less-than-flattering figure. The tweet was simple enough, saying nothing more than, "ME AT THE START OF 2017 VS ME NOW." The picture however, said it all.

On the left side of this image is the wax Donald Trump statue sitting in Madame Tassauds Orlando. As you can see, it looks almost exactly like the real Trump. Next to it, on the right side, is Disney's version of the president.

You can see the difference, right?


Not only did Madame Tussauds succeed in making fun of Disney's awful statue, but the attraction did a lot to make themselves great as well.

Sadly, this probably isn't enough to draw any business away from Disney World. It may bring a few less visitors into the Hall of Presidents, though.