Twin Peaks Revival Premiere Pushed Back To 2017


After weeks of rumors, Showtime has officially rescheduled its forthcoming revival of Twin Peaks, originally scheduled for 2016, to 2017, TVLine has confirmed.

The 2016 date had a special significace to fans of the series, as it would have markes 25 years since the end of Twin Peaks's second season. An in-story tease of "25 years later" had appeared onscreen during Twin Peaks, and many assumed that co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost had timed the series' return to coincide with that.

Earlier this year, Showtime chief David Nevins had admitted the series might run into 2017 during an appearance at the Television Critics Association. Just prior to that appearance, fans had noticed that the "2016" on Showtime's official website for the series had changed to 2017. Today, confirmation of the new came from CBS Corporation's Leslie Moonves.

The cause is said to be a combination of an expanded episode order (reportedly between 12 and 18 new episodes will be made, versus an initial order of 9) as well as protracted contract negotiations with Lynch, which have since been completed. Lynch and Frost wrote all of the new episodes, and Lynch will direct them.

Very little is known about the sequel, which will star Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. villain Kyle MacLachlan. MacLachlan will reprise his role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper, an eccentric and brilliant law enforcement official who was originally brought to a seemingly-idyllic small town when the murder of a popular high school girl appeared to be tied to another homicide he was investigating. A number of other original Twin Peaks cast members will return for the reunion, although none have officially been confirmed. Heroes, The Flash and iZombie actor Robert Knepper recently joined the cast as well.