Two New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

(Photo: CoroCoro)

A leak of the newest issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese manga magazine, has revealed two new Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The magazine, which comes out next week, revealed Nekkoara and Iwanko, two new Pokemon that will appear in the Alola region later this year.

Nekkoara is a Normal-type Pokemon that resembles a koala and appears to have some sort of dream ability. Known as the "Contagious Dream" Pokemon, Nekkoara has the ability Definite Sleep, which prevents the Pokemon from suffering any conditions besides Sleep. Basically, Nekkoara can't be paralyzed, burned, poisoned or confused. Artwork for Nekkoara shows the Pokemon attacking while asleep, using a small log for balance.

Meanwhile, Iwanko is the dog-like Pokemon that appeared in the first Japanese trailer last month. Surprisingly, Iwanko is a Rock-type Pokemon, although no other details are known at this time.

Don't get too attached to the names as it's likely that both Nekkoala and Iwanko will have new names for the English versions of the game. Both will probably be officially revealed next week at E3, where Nintendo will show off gameplay footage for both Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon GO.


(via Twitter)