Ubisoft Unleashes New Trailers For Watch Dogs 2

While the announcement hit some unplanned leaks along the way, Ubisoft has finally officially released the first two trailers for the upcoming Watch Dogs 2.

After the events of the first game, protagonist Aiden Pierce disappeared into hiding, and he isn't seen in the first trailer for the sequel. Ubisoft Montreal is instead introducing a new protagonist, and his name is Marcus Holloway. He's a hacker from Oakland, who is much more adept at parkour than Aiden was. He also brings some history with him, as he was formerly accused and profiled for a crime he didn't commit. This leads him to at some point work with DedSec, who became a public rebellion against ctOS 2.0 after the first Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs 2
(Photo: Ubisoft)

What looks to be the DedSec logo is seen on the masked individual's hat later on in the trailer, who is holding up a phone that has Join Us! emblazoned on its screen. The text "Dawn of DedSec" also appears on a building, where a group of armed hackers is currently holding court. While Pierce isn't shown, that doesn't mean he won't make an appearance in the full game, along with T-Bone and Tobias (from the Bad Blood DLC), but it is a new city, so they might keep those stories separate.

The graphics have certainly received an upgrade, which can be seen not only in the cinematic trailer but the Marcus spotlight trailer. The graphics aren't the only piece to receive an upgrade, as the developers want you to be able to hack everything, including every vehicle, character, and piece of electronics you happen upon. Some new gadgets become part of your arsenal, including a taser and an RC Jumper, who is pretty much Marcus' own little R2D2 unit.


The original game wasn't a bad looking game but suffered from a by the numbers plot that left many players less than satisfied. Not only that but the potential of the hacking system wasn't fully realized either, with the game seeming to bite off a bit more than it could chew. The team has been working for the last 5 years on tweaking systems and implementing player feedback on Watch Dogs 2, and it looks like the work could really pay off.

Watch Dogs 2 hits retail on November 15th.