Valiant Entertainment, Action Lab Go DRM-Free For Digital Comics

In the past week, both Valiant and Action Lab have joined the move toward DRM-free digital [...]

In the past week, both Valiant and Action Lab have joined the move toward DRM-free digital comics.

Image Comics was the first major publisher to launch DRM-free digital comics, offering them from the Image website but not forcing the policy on ComiXology, which had long been a cloud-based service. Recently, ComiXology announced that they would support DRM-free downloads for whatever publishers wanted to offer them on the site and a number of publishers, including Image and Monkeybrain Comics, did so.

Valiant, meanwhile, announced this week that they would be teaming with to offer the option and to offer a number of free #1 issues as well as their first day-and-date digital releases outside of ComiXology.

"In conjunction with Catalyst Game Lab's launch of the Valiant Universe RPG, we're proud to offer our a complete selection of comics from Valiant's award-winning library to's passionate fans," said Russell A. Brown, President of Consumer Products, Promotions, and Ad Sales for Valiant Entertainment.

"Valiant has some of the most exciting and entertaining comics on the market today," said Matt M. McElroy, Director of Publishing for "Several members of the DriveThruComics crew were already huge fans of the Valiant characters and creators, so we couldn't be more thrilled to have these books available on our site."

Meanwhile, Action Lab will go digital-first, DRM-free and prices for the first two weeks of release will be just $0.99 on every title on ComiXology before rising to $1.99 after that. In addition, books will be timed to release digitally the same month they are offered in Diamond Distribution's retailer catalog, making digital a sales instrument for physical copies.