Victor Frankenstein First Photos Released


The first official images of James McAvoy as the original mad scientist himself, Victor Frankenstein, have hit the Internet.

McAvoy, who will portray the iconic monster’s creator in 20th Century Fox’s Victor Frankenstein, stars alongside Daniel Radcliffe, who will play the loyal assistant Igor. In the first pair of on-set photos, both McAvoy (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Radcliffe (Harry Potter), sport a Victorian-era Gothic appearance.

In Victor Frankenstein, the legendary horror tale of Frankenstein and his monster is told through the perspective of Igor. Tracing through the assistant’s origins, the film provides a fresh angle on Frankenstein and Igor’s relationship, as well as the Frankenstein legend. Working off of a script from Chronicle's Max Landis, the film is directed by Paul McGuigan. 

“As much as the monster is his creation, Igor is his creation as well,” McAvoy told Empire Magazine, who also debuted the photos. “That was quite exciting. It’s funny, the script, but also really dark, in a cool way."



Victor Frankenstein comes alive on October 2.