Warcraft Director Teases Easter Eggs

(Photo: Legendary)

The Warcraft film trailer dropped yesterday, showing what the live-action/CGI hybrid film hopes to bring to fans of the decades-old video game franchise. With three stand-alone games and the 11-year-old World of Warcraft to draw from, it should come as no surprise that director Duncan Jones planted plenty of Easter Eggs for fans of the series to comb through the movie over and over to find.

"There's a good amount for the Easter Egg spotters out there," Jones promised to CinemaBlend during a set visit. "There's plenty of material to go around, keeping in the tradition of that," he said, acknowledging the 21-year background of the franchise.

Jones also teased that he even gives a nod to Sam Raimi, who initially had his job on the film before he had to bow out.

"There's a Raimi Easter Egg in there as well - a little doff of the cap to him," Jones teased.

Hopefully this means we'll see an upside-down kiss with someone with a saw for a hand screaming "Leeroy Jenkins!"