Watch Footage From The Canceled Batman: The Dark Knight Game

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

With the relaunch of the Batman film franchise with Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, there was the usual merchandise tie-ins with toys, cereal, and a video game for the current systems. Even though the video game had so-so reviews, publisher Pandemic had already signed for the rights to the forthcoming sequel.

So whatever happened to The Dark Knight video game adaptation? Was there anything in the works? Why did it fall apart?

The YouTube Channel DidYouKnowGaming? reveals the answers about the production of the game, and the inevitable collapse of it.

It's an interesting look at not just the makings and the possible problems of working on a licensed game, but how difficult it can be transitioning one from one platform to the next consoles. It seemed like a straight forward game with similar-looking missions from the Batman Begins game, but imagine working on it and that you got to see some of the Joker's concept art before anybody else. That alone would have been a great incentive, right?


The Dark Knight became the biggest movie of the year, so we could only speculate on how well the game itself would have sold or how good it could have actually been.