Watch Jurassic Park Without The Dinosaurs


Have you ever wondered what Jurassic Park would be like without its number one commodity? No? Doesn't matter actually, because now you know thanks to Youtube user Vidsplode.

With the help of After Effects, Vidsplode removed all of the dinosaurs from their initial sequence in the original Jurassic Park, and it does make the characters reactions seem way over the top. The build up is so epic, and then it just has them staring at out the sky. His description made me laugh the most.

Welcome, to Park.

We have such beautiful attractions as:



Jeep w/ Logo

Jeff Goldblum


I almost imagine this as an alternate ending to some other movie, where people have lived underground for thousands of years, and they finally make it up to the surface to see green trees and a piercing blue sky. If you take it that way, the reactions kind of make sense.

If you want to see how he did it, you can view his visual effects walkthrough above.