Watch Your Favorite Marvel Heroes Take On Your Favorite Game Heroes!

The Corridor Digital YouTube channel has created a video that pits popular video game characters against popular Marvel superheroes.

When the Minecraft Guy finds the Tesseract, he brings to some of his buddies, and Master Chief opens a portal. Captain America, Thor, and Wolverine show up, and things get ugly from there.

Of course, Marvel Heroes are used to fighting video game characters, having three Marvel vs. Capcom video games under their belt.

Check it out below:

Heroes from the comic universe and gaming universe collide over an artifact from the gods. Who will emerge victorious?

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Thanks to Brandon and Hudson White for playing Captain America and Thor! Check out their channel at

Jake Roper of Vsauce3 killed it as Ash Ketchum. Check him out at

Lilan Bowden brought Alyx Vance back to life once more. Thanks Lilan!

Coty Galloway played Wolverine, the role he was born for.

Jake Watson not only produced the piece, but played Master Chief as well!

Sound Design and Master Chief vocals by Kevin Senzaki, the coolest sound guy.

Music by the talented Kris Fisher.

And finally, this video was directed by Wren Weichman. Nice debut!

Check out behind the scenes!