WB May Have Leaked the Next Big Batman Game, or Is It a Suicide Squad Game?

Recent promotional and recruitment footage from WB Montreal may have just leaked a new Batman game [...]

Recent promotional and recruitment footage from WB Montreal may have just leaked a new Batman game starring Bruce Wayne's son, Damien, that was rumored to be in the works some time ago. I'm about to lead you through a twisted trail of rumors and bread-crumbs, but we're on a fast-track to the hype train; I'm going to make this all quick and painless for you. Here we go:

Back in June, rumors started circulating that two new games were in development my WB Montreal. This is the studio that developed Batman: Arkham Origins which, while less popular than the mainline Arkham game trilogy, boasts the best story in the entire franchise. It's one of the best super hero games ever made, so a new Batman game from this studio is something worth getting excited about.

That's not all, though. We heard that the same studio is working on some kind of Suicide Squad game as well - an open world brawler of some kind. Sounds pretty bizarre right? Easy to write off, at any rate. Then September came with a little corroboration. A NeoGAF member, vetted by moderators, posted the following information in regard to these games:

"Indeed, WB Montreal is working on two games right now.

Suicide Squad, in which they go help from Rocksteady.

- is a brawler
- you create your own avatar, grow it out, with tiers of rewards
- many characters to choose
- coop-action
- Borderlands esque
- targeted for 2017 release.

Next game is the Damian Wayne game.

- has been greenlit last summer
- 10 years in the future (I think our future from 10 years now, not quite Batman Beyond)
- Bruce is old and has a beard
- harness on his leg
- uses a walking stick
- is mentoring Damian Wayne to be the new Batman
- Damian has a Batbike
- lots of great characters and also new ones, lot's or redesigns, like Black Mask being a female
- Dick's in it, has a shaved head
- some other villains are Flamingo, Poison Ivy and White Rabbit(old, looks like a granny)

Game is starting to roll in production, so we might no see it for a while, but I am very excited. "

Back to present day. WB Montreal has posted some videos about it expanding the DC Universe in the interactive space, and the videos show a few clips of what seems to be an open-world game in development. WCCF Tech was even able to score a screen-cap of a frame that clearly shows Batman on-screen. That video has since been removed. Ding ding! I think we're onto something here.

batman still
(Photo: WB Montreal)

Whether we're looking at Damien Wayne as the new Batman, or a Batman character in the Suicide Squad brawler, we can't say. We can say that we're tremendously excited to learn more about these games, and assuming that one of them is due to launch next year, maybe we can look forward to a reveal at this year's PlayStation Experience? To find out, stay tuned to WWG.