Weird Al Yankovic's New Album Almost Had a Frozen-Star Trek: The Next Generation Mash-Up

"Weird Al" Yankovic released his fourteenth studio album today, titled Mandatory Fun, and while he surprised fans and critics by being roughly the only person on the planet not to do a "Let It Go" parody, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

During a Reddit AMA interview today, Yankovic admitted that he had originally planned to make one -- but that someone had already done his first idea, and he couldn't think of anything else he liked enough to replace it with.

"You know what, I was very close to doing a parody called 'Make It So' about [Star Trek: The Next Generation]...but then I checked online, and of course, somebody had done that already," the singer/songwriter admitted. "And apparently it had gotten enough attention online to make the Disney legal department ask them to take it down! I couldn't think of an idea that I liked as much as 'Make It So,' so... I gave up!"

Yankovic has said he may not make another traditional album after Mandatory Fun. In the age of iTunes, he's found that parodies, often his most commercially successful songs, do better if they're released closer to the date of the song they're targeting rather than waiting a year to get 12 songs together. As such, he's said that releasing singles and the occasional EP digitally probably makes more sense for the kind of music he aims to produce.

What he will be doing, for the first time, is presenting at Comic Con International: San Diego next week. He said that the last time he went, it was as a fan -- but he didn't actually get to do very much, since he didn't realize that recognizable celebrities probably ought to cosplay on the show floor.


"I don't think I've ever been to Comic Con in an official capacity before, but I went about ten years ago as a fan," Yankovic said. "It was a bit overwhelming - I got stopped about every two feet, so I wasn't really able to see much of anything. Since then I found out that celebs are supposed to wear Stormtrooper outfits on the convention floor. (Good thing to keep in mind - if you see any Stormtroopers walking around Comic Con, be sure to get their autographs, 'cause they're pretty much guaranteed to be SUPER FAMOUS.)"

You can check out the video for "Tacky," Yankovic's parody of Pharrell Williams's "Happy" and the first video released from Mandatory Fun, above.