Westboro Baptist Church Uses Jigglypuff to Fire Back at Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO often uses unusual landmarks and points of interest as spots for its Pokemon GO gyms and PokeStops, including the Westboro Baptist Church. ComicBook.com reported how only player took over the Westboro Baptist Church and planted a Pokemon named "Loveislove" in protest of the church's inflammatory hate speech towards the LBTQ and other communities. Well, it seems Westboro has discovered the Pokemon Gym on its premises and is firing back with a very unusual partner.

Several Twitter accounts associated with Westboro Baptist Church began sending out tweets featuring Jigglypuff, a popular Pokemon featured in Pokemon GO. However, the church photoshopped Jigglypuff holding a sign stating "Repent or Perish", which relates to Luke 13:4-5. The church went as far as to post a Vine featuring Jigglypuff singing "Repent and Perish" over and over again.

In an interview with USA Today, church elder Steve Drain stated they used Jigglypuff in an attempt to speak 'whatever language is being spoken'. "Pokémon Go and sin no more," Drain said "That's what the lord Jesus Christ said."


(via USA Today)