Cinnamon Coca-Cola Is Finally Coming to the United States

(Photo: Coca-Cola)

The impending change of seasons has always been home to all things Pumpkin Spice but now, Coca-Cola wants to get into the mix. After testing of Cinnamon Coca-Cola went over very well in the United Kingdom during last year's holiday season, the iconic soda manufacturer will shortly be rolling out the product stateside. The seasonal beverage is most certainly a limited time offer, making its way to shelves for just over three months — dropping in stores September 30th before being pulled off on New Year's Eve.

According to a press release from Coca-Cola HQ, the soda will only be available in a six-pack of smaller 7.5-ounce cans. Soda and snack scooping Instagram account @CandyHunting was the first to bring to new arrival to attention.

Most social media reviews from Coke's previous test were unanimously positive, with @davidfcastle1 saying he was "absolutely loving this new addition to the Coke Zero family."

@Bren_Doughty said itw as the reason for the season, likening the holiday-themed drink to "Christmas in a bottle."

It should be noted Cinnamon Coca-Cola isn't the only festive drink being release on September 30th from the famous sodamaker. The company will also be rolling out Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, a perfect mix of the classic lemon-lime flavors and traditional Christmas-based Cranberry flavors.