Where Will The Wonder Woman Movie Draw Inspiration From?


Wonder Woman will be one of the first female heroes to star in her very own solo feature film, come 2017. Gal Gadot will star in the titular role, after debuting in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but little else is known about the Warrior Princess flick.

We all have our varying opinions of what we want to see in Wonder Woman's standalone debut. How could we not? The film has a mysterious and talented cast and it is based a rich source material from DC comics.

In 2001, DC comics published a Wonder Woman story with the title, "The Spirit of Truth." Despite the popular rumors claiming that Wonder Woman will take place during one of the two World Wars, Spirit of Truth sees Wonder Woman stop terrorist attacks and attempting to end a civil war is Asia. It's a true arc for Diana, not only with heroics, but with character. She is forced to learn from Clark Kent, who she may not see eye to eye with at first following Batman v. Superman, but eventually learns his ways of protecting people and learning to use her powers when necessary. It's a bit of an origin story, as far as Diana blending into the world is concerned, and features a global adventure with trips to Diana's homeland, Themyscira. While it may not be enough substance for an entire movie, Spirit of Truth can factor into Wonder Woman's earlier moments to show how Diana and the world created in the DC Extended Universe mold to one another.

Of course, Wonder Woman's solo film debut will likely go back to her comic book roots and first appearance in All Star Comics back in 1942, thus in line with the World War II speculation. With Chris Pine confirmed for the role of Steve Trevor, an adaptation of the Wonder Woman's earliest story could make for a great espionage type of film. Should Wonder Woman have to help Trevor back to the States and acquire her secret identity of Diana Prince during World War II, the duo can go on their Nazi-hunting adventures, all the while emphasizing Wonder Woman's need to keep her identity hidden. With Robin Wright playing an unknown role in the film, it's not unlikely she will be playing Diana's mother, Hippolyta, who allows Diana to begin this journey and provides her with the Wonder Woman costume.

Aside from the rich Wonder Woman comics, there are several other places from which the Wonder Woman film can draw inspiration. An obvious film that Wonder Woman can look to is the original Hunger Games. Gadot has said that she wants to show the stronger side of women with her work and no movie in our generation has done a better, more iconic job of that than The Hunger Games with its portrayal of Katniss Everdeen as the centerpiece of a revolution.

How can Wonder Woman show that strong side of women, though? Diana won't be volunteering as tribute, but she'll be voluntarily saving the world alongside her love interest, Steve Trevor. The Warrior Princess will need not only the powers, but the mindfulness to take on the problems she faces.


Take a look at Wonder Woman's director, Patty Jenkins. Her experience directing includes of number of mystery thrillers. She'll undoubtedly be tossing Gadot's heroine into the dark cinematic approach DC films take to solving a global crisis.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 23, 2017.