Which DC Books/Characters Will Benefit MOST From the Relaunch?

Now that DC Comics has announced that their ENTIRE line of comics will be relaunched effective August 31st of this year, an obvious question is which characters, titles and teams might possibly benefit the most from this creative move. Let's face it, every title has its fan base, but some characters are in dire need of a new direction, a fresh start, or something in between. Here now is a look at a few titles that stand to gain the most from a relaunch!

1. The Justice League of America. Depending on how long you've been away from this book, or heck, even if you've been a long-time reader, you may not recognize the latest installment of the JLA. Arguably DC's premier super team, the group has had a rapidly rotating roster of characters ever since its restart almost five years ago. Listing all the names here would take FAR too long. A reboot of this title, with the company's flagship characters, will certainly help bring some stability and prominence to DC's lead-off title for this endeavor.Be sure to pick up this title as it leads off the DC relaunch!!

2. Aquaman. Well, what harm could come from this latest incarnation of the king of the sea's solo series? In his return to life during the Blackest Night story, Aquaman has been making a big impact on the DCU all of this year during the events in Brightest Day. A new title of his own, along with a spot in the Justice League, could be just what this aquatic hero, who has been something of a pop culture punchline in recent years, needs in order to get his prestige back.

3. Justice League International. Booster Gold, Vixen, Guy Gardner and Ice? No, it's not the 1990's, but the JLI IS back!! In our modern world, this team has great potential to become a very globally relevant team, especially in a world with modern wars, a 24 hour news cycle, and strained diplomatic relations between several nations, DC could have a hot book on its hands that explores very topical issues set against the backdrop of a superhero team.


4. Mister Terrific. Talk about potential! One of the most intelligent men in the DCU, Mister Terrific has been an integral part of the Justice Society of America for years now, and his powerful T-spheres have given him an edge that has aided his team in numerous spots. In this new solo series, it adds another high profile minority character to DC's solo titles, which was needed, it also allows this character to be fleshed out with his own rogues' gallery and character development on his own.

So you tell us, readers. Which characters do YOU think stand the most to gain from this relaunch? Who stands the most to LOSE??