Who Won The Super Bowl Of Movie Trailers?

Super Bowl Movie Trailers

During last night’s Super Bowl, three movie studios squared off in an epic game trying to build the most buzz for their respective movies. Disney put the most players on the field, promoting three of their upcoming movies. Paramount took to the game with two players, while Universal focused all their efforts on a single star.

Unfortunately, Sony, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox failed to even put their players on the field. Likely a big mistake, considering all three studios have some major blockbusters planned for this year that could use a super lift. But ignoring the non-competitors, what movie won the Super Bowl of movie trailers? Here are our thoughts based on our own opinions, Twitter feedback, and online surveys.

Fast & Furious 6 – No movie had more to gain or more to lose than Fast & Furious 6. Universal revealed the first ever footage for Fast & Furious 6 during the big game, meaning they gambled that they had something good enough to meet fan expectations. And the gamble paid off, because Fast & Furious 6 delivered just what fans wanted to see: fast cars and big crashes. With sixty seconds of airtime, viewers got a solid look at how Fast & Furious 6 takes things to a whole new level. Fast & Furious 6 was the biggest winner at the Super Bowl, because it gave fans their first impression, and it was a good one.

Iron Man 3- In our Facebook poll of Super Bowl commercials, Iron Man 3 was the clear winner. Of course, our readers might just be a little bit bias when it comes to superhero movies. Overall reaction on Twitter was mixed, as many were disappointed it was only a thirty second spot, which focused on only one scene from the movie. However, the Super Bowl blackout couldn’t have happened at a better time for Marvel, as it allowed a good excuse to go online and check out the Iron Man 3 extended trailer. The extended trailer was much more action-packed, earning praise from most. Disney would have scored a bigger win with a sixty second trailer actually airing during the Super Bowl, but they still had a solid showing.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Paramount delivered a solid trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness that was a win with viewers seeing the footage for the first time. However, among online fans, Star Trek Into Darkness suffered from the same criticism as Iron Man 3. The Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl trailer offered little in the way of new footage, and the thirty second spot seemed to rush by. Plus, the much-hyped exclusive trailer through the Star Trek Into Darkness app was essentially the same trailer with only a couple brief scenes added. However, Paramount still scored a win with Star Trek Into Darkness, because it got a lot more eyeballs on a trailer for what looks to be a great movie.

The Lone Ranger – While The Lone Ranger just doesn’t excite us as much as Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness, the trailer was a big win for Disney. By running a ninety second trailer during the pre-game show, Disney was able to provide viewers with a solid look at what appears to be a very entertaining movie. With some already speculating that The Lone Ranger will be Disney’s next John Carter, it was a good move by Disney to get some more footage out there that should help to sway people’s opinions in a more positive direction.


Oz The Great And Powerful – This movie is probably the most difficult to call. The visuals for Oz The Great And Powerful look stunning, but so much footage from the movie has already aired in previews on the Disney Channel, there really isn’t a lot left to show. Plus, since Oz The Great And Powerful is targeted at a younger viewer than a lot of the other movies promoted during the Super Bowl, it kind of got lost amid all the car chases and explosions. The Oz The Great And Powerful trailer wasn’t really a loser for Disney, but it isn’t likely to be remembered as well as other trailers.

World War Z – With the current popularity of zombies, one might think World War Z would be an easy score for Paramount. But of all the Super Bowl trailers, World War Z seemed to be the biggest loser. Most of the footage was from a previous trailer, and there wasn’t much of a story told beyond it’s about Brad Pitt and really fast zombies. Perhaps a sixty second trailer would have better showcased the movie. And while it’s understandable that every movie can’t get a sixty second trailer given the expense of Super Bowl commercials, Paramount at least should have taken the opportunity to direct viewers to an extended online trailer.