Will Carl Get Shot In The Eye On The Walking Dead Midseason 6 Finale?


Fans of The Walking Dead's comics know very well what may be in store for Carl in tonight's midseason six finale.

Be warned, this does mean spoilers for The Walking Dead comic books and possibly for the TV series.

In the comics, a herd of zombies busts through the walls of Alexandria. The streets and flooded and chaos ensues, much like is about to happen on the TV series.

Rick, Jessie, Carl, and Ron cover themselves in zombie guts in an effort to blend in with the herd and make an escape to safety. However, Ron gets frightened and ends up attracting walkers to himself and getting devoured. His mother's reaction is to attempt saving him, despite Rick's orders not to. Rather than rescue her son, Jessie is devoured, as well, while holding onto Carl's hand and trying to pull herself out. Rick severs her hand, leaves her behind, and continues to move along with Carl.

Shortly afterwards, Douglas Monroe, the comic book counterpart to Deanna Monroe, is taken down by a pack of zombies in a suicidal moment. He fires shots from his gun in a panicked flurry and one of those bullets strikes Carl in the eye, blowing half of his face off.

Will this happen in the show? Some of it most likely will.

While Deanna likely won't be the one to shoot Carl, you can bet that Ron will. If Rick leaves Jessie behind, especially in a manner so brutal, the already hateful Ron will finally take aim at the Grimes family, having acquired a gun and ammo in the penultimate episode of 2015.


Will Carl get shot in the eye? We'll have to wait and see for sure, but our bet: Yes.

The Walking Dead's mid-season six finale airs tonight at 9 PM ET on AMC.