Will Eisner Google Logo Doodle Rocks

Will Eisner Google Logo

In what is our favorite Google Doodle ever, Google is honoring the birthday of the late Will Eisner with a Will Eisner Google logo. The Will Eisner Google Doodle features The Spirit, who is Eisner’s best known creation. The Google name is also spelled out in Eisner style letters and shows tenement buildings in recognition of Eisner’s groundbreaking A Contract With God And Other Tenement Stories graphic novel.

Will Eisner passed away in 2005, but if he were still alive, then today would be his 94th birthday. When hovering over the Google Will Eisner Logo, the title “Will Eisner’s 94 Birthday” is shown. The logo also leads to a search for Will Eisner, so fans can read more on the comics legend.

In addition to helping design the honorary logo, comic book artist Scott McCloud also made a tribute post to Will Eisner on the official Google blog. Scott McCloud was a friend of Will Eisner, and McCloud also has ties to Google, as he illustrated the Chrome comic book. In his post, McCloud praises Eisner as being “years, even decades, ahead of the curve” during his comics career.