Will Mark Ruffalo Reprise The Role Of The Hulk In A Solo Film?

During Marvel Studios Phase Three unveiling event Tuesday, nine new films were announced which included Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange.

However many are wondering if Mark Ruffalo will ever reprise his role as the gamma irradiated green behemoth, the Hulk, in a solo film.

“I don't really know what's happening in the whole Marvel universe,” Ruffalo said in a recent interview. “I know with the Hulk getting [his own new] movie, they went from an "absolutely no" to a "maybe" after Avengers. If all goes according to plan, then maybe one day there will be another Hulk movie.”

There have been ongoing rumors of a Planet Hulk movie and during Tuesday’s event, Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, hinted that a Hulk Film wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

“Well, I wouldn’t say Hulk is absent from the timeline,” Feige said. “I would say Hulk is going to appear in many of those movies, particularly all those Avengers movies leading up to 2019 in Infinity War…Mark Ruffalo is on board for all those films, and we’re excited to bring him to all those films. What happens with a standalone Hulk film? I’m going to say what I would have said about Black Panther last week or Captain Marvel the week before that, or Doctor Strange the week before that, or Guardians of the Galaxy two years ago, or Ant-Man ten years ago, we’ll see. We’d love to do it. We’d love to find a place to put it, but right now, Hulk will be appearing, with his friends, in the other films.”