Will Marvel Show Spider-Man Before Captain America: Civil War Is Released?

(Photo: Disney)

With Disney doing their best to hide the details about Luke Skywalker's post-Return of the Jedi fate, as well as the look of the big bad of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead of the film's release next month -- and doing so pretty successfully -- it's worth asking: will we see Spider-Man in any of the promotional art for Captain America: Civil War?

Both Lucasfilm and Marvel have a history of going to extraordinary lengths to protect the secrecy of their projects, although Marvel -- who have found their success in the social media age -- have had somewhat less luck doing so, historically.

That said, the filmmakers behind Captain America: Civil War managed to get through the whole of production without anybody catching a glimpse of the new Ol' Webhead. It's got to be tempting, then, to hold off on it until they can reveal it "as it's meant to be seen," right?

A lot of this might come down to how and when Sony wants to see Spidey revealed. If they don't mind holding out for Civil War, there isn't any really good reason not to...but his stand-alone film is also expected to be in theaters for Summer 2017...so it might be difficult to film a movie that requires as much exterior work as Spidey does without revealing the suit to paparazzi or curious fans. And, yeah, you can shoot and edit a tentpole like Spider-Man in a year...but it's probably testing the limits of what your post-production team can do.

What do you think? Would you rather see Spidey for the first time when he swings to life onscreen, or do you want to know what you're getting into and whether you think they're headed in the right direction going in?