Wonder Woman Costume With A Sword

Forget about the whole pants vs. no pants controversy, it turns out that one costume look under consideration for Wonder Woman in the new DC Universe showed her with a sword strapped to her leg. In a sketchbook in the back of Justice League #1, readers were treated to some of the early design sketches for the Justice League members. The design sketch for Wonder Woman notes some “deadly accessories” among her leg wear.

Wonder Woman With A Sword Of course, Wonder Woman #1 shows Wonder Woman wielding a bloody sword as she faces down a barrage of arrows. Whether in or out of pants, the new DC Universe Wonder Woman definitely looks like she is going to live up to her warrior princess title.

In fact, the Wonder Woman with a sword look kind of goes along with the information that has been released so far on the ongoing Wonder Woman series. In an interview with The Conventry Telegraph, writer Brian Azzarello described the new Wonder Woman series as a “horror book.”

What do you think of the version of Wonder Woman’s costume with the sword attached? Are you glad the final design left it off? Or is the additional weaponry a nice touch?