WonderCon 2012: Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel

Moments ago at the Talk to the Hat panel at WonderCon, Marvel Comics confirmed rumors reported by Bleeding Cool earlier this week: that Carol Danvers will drop the name Ms. Marvel and pick up the currently-vacant mantle of Captain Marvel for Marvel Comics when the title by that name launches later this year.

The title, beginning in July and spinning out of the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, will launch with Kelly Sue DeConnick writing, Dexter Soy on art and fan-favorite Ed McGuinness on covers.

In a full release at their website, Marvel provided the art seen below, as well as some explanation from DeConnick on the ideas behind the series.

“My pitch was called ‘Pilot’ and the take can pretty much be summed up with ‘Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager,’” says DeConnick in the interview. “Carol's the virtual definition of a Type A personality. She's a competitor and a control freak. At the start of our series, we see Carol pre-Captain Marvel, pre-NASA even, back when she was a fiercely competitive pilot. We'll see her meeting one of her aviation heroes and we'll see her youthful bravado, her swagger. Then over the course of the first arc we're going to watch her find her way back to that hungry place. She'll have to figure out how to be both Captain Marvel and Chuck Yeager—to marry the responsibility of that legacy with the sheer joy being nearly invulnerable and flying really [expletive] fast."

In addition to a name change, Danvers will get a pretty dramatic reinvention of her look, hairstyle and costume, as seen on the pages and preview art below.  She'll also be delving into the history of the original Captain Marvel, Kree soldier Mar-Vell, according to Marvel's release.

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