Wreck-It Ralph: Still Shot Reveals Video Game Icons

Q-Bert, Zangief and Chun Li are just a few of the dozens of video game characters that appear in a new still photo released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in support of their upcoming release, Wreck-It Ralph.

Here, the title character is shown in glorious 3-D-friendly digital rendering, as opposed to the 8-bit animation seen on most of the posters and promotional material.

The tableau is unfolding at Game Central Station, where Ralph is sharing cherries (get it? Like in Pac-Man!) with a number of sorry-looking old Nintendo charactes, including Q-Bert. In the background, in what looks like a cross between Grand Central Station and the inside of an arcade game, we see dozens of video game characters, including M. Bison, Blackfist and Jinx, according to sharp-eyed fans at Bleeding Cool.

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