Wreck-It Ralph Wins Friday Box Office

Wreck-It Ralph Box Office

As expected, early projections are showing that Wreck-It Ralph easily won the Friday box office. According to Deadline, Wreck-It Ralph took in $13.4 million to place #1 at the box office on Friday. Flight, starring Denzel Washington, also did a healthy $8 million to finish in second place on Friday.

With two movies that are getting good reviews from both critics and fans premiering this weekend, it looks like the box office is bouncing back from the Hurricane Sandy effect of last weekend. Deadline is projecting a 15% increase over last year for the weekend box office.

Many of the early weekend forecasts for Wreck-It Ralph had the film only doing in the high thirty or low forty millions. Comicbook.com projected that Wreck-It Ralph would finish on the high side of forecasts and likely take in $50 million plus. With Friday’s numbers now revealed, most seem to be now raising their weekend forecasts for Wreck-It Ralph to be $50 million or over.

While Wreck-It Ralph and Flight are showing that audiences will still go to the theaters, other movies aren’t fairing as well. Cloud Atlas has dropped all the way to sixth place with only $1.5 million at the Friday box office. While some critics have praised the film, Cloud Atlas has failed to catch on with audiences. Since Cloud Atlas had a $100 million budget, it is already being labeled as a colossal flop.