X-Men: First Class Screenwriter Zack Stentz Is Writing Kevin Smith's The Flash Episode


Earlier today, Kevin Smith posted a fragment of his schedule for filming an episode of The Flash -- and in so doing, talked at some length about his excitement, the process so far -- and his collaborators.

Smith revealed taht Zack Stentz, best known for his work on X-Men: First Class, was the writer of the episode he directed, which remains as yet untitled.

...Or, as Stentz revealed in a tweet, the title just remains un-revealed to fans:

Smith himself praised Stentz's screenplay in an earlier Facebook post, in which he admitted he was a little nervous.

"We shot a scene last week in pre-production but Ep 221 officially begins today," Smith wrote. "And I'm really nervous. I love this show so much and dread making an episode that blows."

He also, as you can see above, shared a photo of himself with Zoom.