Yes, These LEGO-Shaped Burgers Are Real

Sure, they may be a pain to step on, but thanks to Brick Burger, you're now able to get a delicious burger in the shape of everyone's favorite building blocks.

Brick Burger, a recently-opened food joint in the Philippines, specializes in making burgers. That isn't special enough though — right? Wait until you see the buns. Not only in the shape of the world-famous building bricks, Brick Burger features buns in various shades of colors, including red, orange, yellow, and black.

And when they say burgers, they mean burgers. According to their menu, Brick Burger offers upwards of ten different varieties to their brick-shaped sandwiches ranging from the Darth Burger with its bacon, caramelized onions, and mushrooms to the Cheesy Mac burger that includes a normal hamburger with a dollop of everyone’s favorite cheesy pasta dish: good ol’ macaroni and cheese. While it’s mainly a burger joint, Brick Burger also boasts about the chicken wings, pasta, and appetizers they also serve.

(Photo: Brick Burger)

The best part of it all? They give sets of building blocks play with while you wait for your food. Not only can you munch on mozzarella sticks while you wait for your Wildstyle burger (traditional burger with onion rings and barbeque sauce) to come out, you can also practice your best architectural skills.

Although the restaurant isn’t officially affiliated with the Danish toymaker, it appears to be a top stop for any LEGO fans finding their way to the Philippines.

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