Yes, These Sailor Moon Ford Commercials Are Real

If you want to be a Sailor Scout, then you have got to ride in style. The group of intergalactic heroines is well-known for its planetary gifts and magical transformations. And, now, a car company wants you to know that Sailor Moon and her comrades have a thing for their vehicles.

Yes, this Sailor Moon commercial for the Ford Fusion is real - and it might make you want to lease out the stylish ride.

Ford uploaded the oddly dubbed trailer to Youtube recently, making Sailor Moon the latest franchise to get an overdub treatment. The company added the trailer to its extensive collection of clips known as ‘Ford Overdubs.’ These commercial spots take nostalgic shows and video games which fans love and poorly dub them over with sales pitches.

For Sailor Moon, Ford’s overdub finds the star-struck heroine gazing at constellations with her cat-slash-sidekick Luna. “There’s Sagittarius, Libra, [and] the constellation of the new Ford Fusion,” Usage gushes. “Oh, I just love it so much. The sculpted exterior, the newly redesigned grill and wheels. It’s the most stylish car I’ve ever seen.”

Luckily, the Moon Princess is brought back to reality when Luna reminds Usagi that the Fusion has more to offer than just looks. “It has amazing driver assist features like pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go. They all make driving less stressful.”

Sadly, Sailor Moon is too young too drive, but the heroine can fantasize about her beloved dream car. For now, Usagi will have to rely on her moon crystal powers to teleport her around until she can test for a license.

Sailor Moon is not the first anime series to be given the overdub treatment by Ford. Last year, the car company surprised fans when they borrowed footage from Dragon Ball Z to make commercials. In one of the clips, fans watch as Krillin and Gohan use their Dragon Balls to summon the dragon Shenron and wish for three separate cars. The mystical creature tries to explain that the Ford Fusion meets the wishes and their requirements, but the Z-Fighters are unwilling to listen. The other commercial shows Trunks and Goten undergo a fusion dance - and then promptly turn into an all-wheel coupe.


Ford has used other surprising franchises for its overdub videos. One of the first series they took footage from was Captain Planet, and Ford also sourced clips from Metal Gear Solid. The adverts featured Solid Snake, Colonel Roy Campbell, and Psycho Mantis selling the high-points of Ford’s Fusion line-up.