Yet Another Superman Costume Redesign

Superman's new look

One of the hottest topics of the upcoming DC Comics relaunch is Superman's new costume. There has been various artwork released which shows quite a few tweaks to Superman's costume. However, none of the artwork matches exactly, so there is much speculation over exactly what the final version of Superman's new costume will look like. The latest glimpse of Superman's new costume was revealed in the artwork for a Justice League glass being released by Toon Tumblers as an exclusive for the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. This new look at Superman's costume is very similar to the cover artwork that was revealed for Superman #1. On the Superman #1 cover, Superman was shown with several lines on his costume and boots which gave him an armor type look. In this new artwork, the armor look is more prevalent than ever. It's obvious from this most recent artwork that the armor look isn't limited to just the legs, arms, and boots of Superman's costume, but it spans the entire costume. The new artwork is consistent with other drawings that show that the red underoos and yellow belt definitely appear to be things of the past. One interesting new revelation is that in addition to a v-neck collar it also looks like Superman is getting v-wrist sleeves. Instead of ending in a nice even pattern, Superman's sleeves come down and cover part of the back of his hand in a red "v" pattern.

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The picture above shows four different versions of artwork that have been released on Superman's new costume. The first three looks are very similar and just reveal different details of what the final version of Superman's new costume will look like. The last look comes from Action Comics #1, which tells the story of Superman as he first emerges to the world.