Young Justice Showrunner Is Ready To Go For Season 3


Young Justice showrunner Brandon Vietti would be just as happy as fans to see more seasons of the defunct animated series, he told during a red carpet interview for his new film LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League ‑ Cosmic Clash.

Following the massive outpouring of fan support for a third season -- renewed yet again when Season Two recently made its way to Netflix, we asked the producer whether he thought there was any hope for a third season of the cult favorite.

"I don't know," said Vietti with a laugh. "That's the best answer I can give you. I'd be happy to do another one; Greg [Weisman] would be; Phil Bourassa, the character designer. We'd all in a heartbeat come back to do a third season if the Powers-That-Be feel they want to do that."

You can see the interview below.

There are stories already conceived for what would be future seasons, Vietti revealed, and a series bible that goes well beyond what's already been created.

"I love that world. We were not done telling stories; we had tons of ideas for more seasons ready to go, so yeah, I'd love to get into it."


He added that Weisman had been writing a timeline for the show, including stories that have already been broken in previous seasons, didn't make it into the existing shows for whatever reason, and were ultimately planned for Season Three.

Young Justice aired on Cartoon Network until its cancellation in 2013, and spanned two seasons, a video game, and a tie-in comic book series. Since its cancellation, the show has had a steady stream of support from fans asking for more.