Young Justice's Aqualad Voice Actor Has A Good Feeling About A Third Season

Young Justice Aqualad

Voice actor Khary Payton has a good feeling about Young Justice getting a third season.

Payton, who voiced Aqualad on the show, took to Twitter to engage with fans after the second and final (at least for now) season of Young Justice was added to Netflix. He's asks who is binge watching the show, and then says that – while he doesn't know anything official – he has a "real good feeling" about a third season.

Payton's tweets follows writer/producer Greg Weisman's own call for fans to binge watch the series and buy Blu-rays to show that there's still enough interest in Young Justice to justify a third season.

Young Justice aired on Cartoon Network from 2010-1013. The show was cancelled after two seasons and 46 episodes, leaving fans frustrated with several unresolved plot threads. Fans have been petitioning for a third season ever since.


Young Justice is currently streaming on Netflix, and is available to purchase on Blu-ray.