Zombie Cop Announced By Shadowline


Image Comics Shadowline imprint has announced a new graphic novel called Zombie Cop. The full length graphic novel will tell the story of one cop's final days amongst a zombie apocalypse. "Zombie Cop is a story I've wanted to tell for a long time," writer Jeff Mariotte said. "The idea of the honest, driven cop trying to solve the greatest mystery of his life—while he still has a life—was one that tugged at me and wouldn't let go." The star of Zombie Cop is a police officer named Joe Mundy. At the beginning of the story, Joe is infected with the zombie plague. Joe sets out to learn who is responsible for his infection, but time is of essence, because he must solve the case before he becomes fully taken over. Zombie Cop is written by award-winning novelist Jeff Mariotte and will also feature fully painted art by Szymon Kudranski. The graphic novel is 136 pages in length, will retail for $14.99, and is scheduled to hit comic stores on January 14, 2009.