New Power Rangers Images Revealed At Brazil Licensing Expo

Power Rangers Movie Header

The Power Rangers reboot is eagerly anticipated, as are any new images or information from the rather secretive film.

The Brazil Licensing Expo launched yesterday and features a variety of powerhouse companies like Warner Bros., Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, and Cartoon Network. The latter of those was on hand to promote multiple projects, one of which included the Power Rangers. They also had plenty of promotional material strewn around their booth, and Citizen Cinema took a few pictures and posted them on Instagram (via MegaPowerBrasil)

The images feature the five core rangers in a classic standing pose and the assets on hand are all variations on the same theme. While they aren't that different, hopefully, this spells the beginning of a bigger promotional push for the movie, as fans are anxious to see more, including the first official trailer.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24th, 2017.