Breaking Bad, Netflix Helped Catapult Career of Aaron Paul

Through his work on the critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has become a household name. Paul started off as a working-class actor and built his credit list with appearances in K-PAX, NYPD Blue, and Suddenly Susan, but it was his role on the AMC hit that acted as the gasoline hitting the flame -- literally in some cases.

In an exclusive interview with to promote his new movie Come and Find Me, Paul said that outlets like Netflix -- causing the cultural shift to binge-watching -- and a TV revolution are what helped to contribute a big portion of his success. He added that television has reached a new level of cinematic greatness as it has spread from a few main networks into near countless distribution points.

"I think Breaking Bad was at the very forefront of binge-watching," he said. "When Breaking Bad made its way to Netflix, it already shot three seasons so people were able to dive in to Breaking Bad when they hadn't seen it before. They already had three full seasons to watch. When it made it Netflix, everyone just got hooked on it."

As the company has shifted its focus to creating original series -- like Luke Cage, which is currently ranked No. 2 in the User Rankings -- among other productions it is skewing the landscape of how series are even made.

The streaming service looks to unveil one of its most anticipated series since it began producing original programming. A Series Of Unfortunate Events, based on the Lemony Snicket novels, is set to be one of the first acclaimed series from Netflix that can appeal to a wider audience.

It has made major organizations, like ABC, play on its field.

The Freeform network is taking what may prove to be an industry changing approach to content delivery with its new show, Beyond.

Announced at New York Comic Con, the 10-episode event will make its network premiere on January 2, 2017 and then the entire season will be made available for digital consumption immediately after. The digital platforms include the Freeform App,, On Demand and Hulu, simultaneous with the two-hour television premiere event.

Paul said that as everyone adjusts it makes everything better for the consumer.

"We are spoiled in a way. We live in a life of such convenience that it is hard for people to wait a week for new episodes. People do it, but it is such a new way of life now," he said.

"I truly believe we are living right in the middle of the golden age of television right now."

That point in history has made a crossroads for actors in selecting projects, though it has made it much easier for great ideas to receive a green-light, in some capacity.

"I think a lot films, instead of them being films, they are becoming miniseries and series," he said. "There's just such incredible television out there. And I see that a lot with scripts that are being sent my way and it is so hard to get a movie made."

It is one worry that Paul doesn't have to deal with as his current project will hit the big screen on Nov. 11.

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(Photo: Facebook / Breaking Bad)